Friday, October 12, 2012

Hi!  It is a beautiful day.  The temp. is 80 degrees and sunny.  As anyone knows who lives in the south, 80 degrees is a welcome relief from the 100 + temps in the summer.  However, October can be quite a transition.  It is cool in the morning and warm in the afternoon. We southerners are not quite ready to put away our summer clothing and sandals, a.k.a, flip flops.  So you just throw a sweater on and you are ready to go!.  Today was also my little one's 1st field trip with is K-4 class.  They went to the West Farm Corn Maze,  So of course, mommy and daddy  were on board to chaperone.  This is a great place but the scent of nature can be quite (how do you say) ODORLICIOUS!  They have several kid play areas, small petting zoo, pumpkin patch, hayride and of course the corn maze.  Jon wanted to feed the cow, and after that quite large, very rough tongue licked his hand, the tears started to flow.  It was quite scary for him.  There were alot of " EEWWWWW"s from the crowd.
1st play area

Sticking your tongue out helps you hop higher. (Everyone knows that)

Its your friendly neighborhood scarecrows
Yes, there is a corn maze

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