Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holly Days

Hi Everyone! 

Have you started your christmas shopping?  Did you brave black friday?  I was not one of the brave souls shopping on black friday.  I hope everyone who did found great deals!  As you are shopping for that special christmas gift, take a stroll at The Holly Days Festival in downtown Summerville this Saturday, December 1st.  I will have a table set up with my jewelry.  Stop by and see me.  If you use coupon code BEADEDHOLIDAY, you can receive 10% off of your purchase at the festival.  Please see a preview below.....

Scrabble Tile Pendants


closer look



Birds Nest Pendants


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The season is upon us...

At this time of year and thanksgiving only a week away, I hope you take this time to be reminded of the joys in your life.  I know, times can be hard, and working from day to day, it is easy to forget the good in our lives.  Think of your family, friends, co workers etc.. that make your life enjoyable.  Sometimes the good only happens in small moments, but cherish them. 

(o.k. I am stepping down from my soap box now)

I will be in my first craft show on Saturday, December 1st at the Holly Days Festival in Downtown Summerville.

I will be selling my jewelry and I have been working hard to get things together.  I hope everyone comes out to see me.  I would appreciate everyone's support.  Hopefully you will be able to take care of some of your christmas shopping as well.  I HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Beaded Spiders

Halloween is upon us and, in honor of the festivities, I wanted to share this project with you. 
I saw this terrific tutorial on a Handmade Jewelry Club e-mail I received.  This tutorial came be seen at the Reverie & Revival Blog.  You can see the tutorial here.  Reverie & Revival created a very beautiful spider brooch out of beads.  I fell in love with it as soon as I found it.  I had to try it out for myself.  Below is my version.  I don't like real spiders, but I love these!

1st spider

2nd spider
Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Portable Beading Center

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend.  As anyone with little ones running around, lots of times you cannot find time for  yourself to start, continue or finish projects you are working on.  My 5 year old wants 100% of my time.  I cannot go off into a craft room to work on my projects and jewelry.  I have to keep my eye on him and he must keep his eyes on me.  I have been looking for some sort of rolling cart that I can use as a portable beading center.  I haven't found one second hand and I cannot see paying $99.99 or more for something at the store.  After trying to work this out in my head, I realized that I already had alot of the necessary items I needed to build one at home. So, today, my husband helped me to make my portable beading center!

I bought this drawer unit at a yard sale a couple of years ago for $3.00, but I never really used it and it has been sitting in the garage.
I went to our local hardware store and picked up some swivel casters for the bottom.  I also went to our local $1 store and picked up some drawer organizers and some plastic bins that I could use in the drawers for organization.

My husband cut a piece of scrap wood we had left over from another project to fit the bottom of the cart.  The circle cutout was used in another project.

He attached the casters so that I can roll the cart out of the way when not in use.

I attached 2 of the drawer organizers to the top of the cart on each side with zip ties.  This is a place I can place my tools and other materials when beading.

Here we are with both drawer organizers attached to the top and the plastic bins in the drawers.

My husband cut another piece of scrap wood to size for a workspace on top of the cart.

I decided to GIRLIFY (is that even a word?) the cart a bit and added some old school craft ribbon I had on hand and some cute buttons.

My portable beading cart is born! The cost of this DIY was $15.00. (insert high fives here) I can't wait to get started on my next project!

This could also be used as a craft center as well.  Now I can be in the same room with my son and attend to his needs as HE sees fit without dropping everything I am working with on the floor when trying to get out of the chair.  I am sure others in the crafting world have had a similar need. 

Leave a comment and let me know what you have come up with.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Shop Now Open

Happy Wednesday!

I have opened my jewelry shop on my blog.  You can click the "Shop" tab above this post.  You can add an item (s) to your cart and then check out through paypal.  You do not have to have a paypal account to do so.

Items will be updated periodically, so check back often. Take a look and leave a comment to let me know what you think.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Butterfly ring

Happy Sunday! 

I have started working with wire to make jewelry.  I am still learning, however, I have created this butterfly ring.  It is made from copper wire.  I hope everyone loves it as much as I do.  I am also working on earrings and possibly a pendant using this wire butterfly.  I will be selling these in my shop which is coming soon..... Stay Tuned!

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Hi!  It is a beautiful day.  The temp. is 80 degrees and sunny.  As anyone knows who lives in the south, 80 degrees is a welcome relief from the 100 + temps in the summer.  However, October can be quite a transition.  It is cool in the morning and warm in the afternoon. We southerners are not quite ready to put away our summer clothing and sandals, a.k.a, flip flops.  So you just throw a sweater on and you are ready to go!.  Today was also my little one's 1st field trip with is K-4 class.  They went to the West Farm Corn Maze, www.westfarmcornmaze.com.  So of course, mommy and daddy  were on board to chaperone.  This is a great place but the scent of nature can be quite (how do you say) ODORLICIOUS!  They have several kid play areas, small petting zoo, pumpkin patch, hayride and of course the corn maze.  Jon wanted to feed the cow, and after that quite large, very rough tongue licked his hand, the tears started to flow.  It was quite scary for him.  There were alot of " EEWWWWW"s from the crowd.
1st play area

Sticking your tongue out helps you hop higher. (Everyone knows that)

Its your friendly neighborhood scarecrows
Yes, there is a corn maze